PizzArt campaign by Anchor Food Professional


With the new launch of PizzArt, Anchor Food Professional hopes to trail blaze a ‘new age’ of pizzas in Malaysia.

Pizza bombs which made an appearance in the international food scene is an explosion of flavour and cheesiness in a ball of chewy dough with a crispy crust. 

Adjaruli Khachapuri is a boat shaped pizza filled with hot cheese and oozing egg and is a Georgian invention, all the rage in food capitals of the world.  

Muffin pizzas are bite-sized versions of delicious pizza and perfect for breakfast and as snacks.
Pot pie pizzas are as hearty and satisfying as they sound with pizza dough used as a pie crust with all the flavours and stringy cheesiness of a pizza steaming inside.

Basically PizzArt comes from the combo word of Pizza Artisanal. In Sarawak, The artisanal pizzas is available Bistecca & Bistro (Sibu), Chillax Cafe & Bistro (Miri)Coup De Grill (Bintulu)

Check Anchor Dairy Malaysia on FB to find out where can you enjoy this cheezy frenzy in the city near you! 

food review

Hawaian Pizza @ Destino De Expreso


DISH NAME: Polo De Hawaiian Pizza
LOCATION: Destino De Expreso, CityOne Megamall, Kuching
REVIEW: The pizza was generous on the pineapple and chicken chunks, but a bite felt it was missing something

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